Visit to the Gramsci Keynes High School in Prato, Italy

Visit to the Gramsci Keynes High School in Prato, Italy
Visit to the Gramsci Keynes High School in Prato, Italy

(March 3rd 2016) During the visit of GAIA to the Gramsci Keynes High School of Prato, we introduced the main objectives of the project and related activities and, then, the organization of the trial to be carried out in the Prato school.

The GAIA team provided main information and guidelines for the trial activity, explaining how and when the school personnel will be involved in GAIA trials. OVER introduced its technology for monitoring energy consumption in the building, highlighting advantages of granular energy monitoring and possible margins for energy savings, based on lessons learnt in past and ongoing deployments initiative.

Furthermore, the main characteristics of the building and ideas for participating in the GAIA trials were discussed. The school personnel provided the GAIA team with several useful information on the building, with respect to energy consumption, use of rooms by students, etc.

The visit also included an inspection of electrical distribution switchboards, the main hall, the building containing the gymnasium hall, the auditorium, the library, the canteen, and the two buildings containing classrooms and laboratories.

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This work was supported by the European Commission and the EASME, under the H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA call and contract number 696029.

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