What is GAIA?

GAIA (Green Awareness In Action) is a three year long, EU-funded H2020 project made up of nine partners.

This project aims to promote positive behavioural changes within communities regarding energy consumption/awareness.

Our activities will consist of the gamification of real-time, IoT-enhanced energy consumption metrics in trial schools located in Italy, Greece and Sweden.

Consortium Partners

Learn more about the nine members of the consortium

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Trial Schools

Examine Italian, Greek and Swedish trial schools

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Project Objectives

Review the key objectives and ultimate vision of this project

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Read more about the pioneering technologies that will be used

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Counting from the beginning of the school trials

Students, teachers and staff members in Italian, Greek and Swedish schools take part in this groundbreaking exercise!

Bringing about green awareness in schools, through the use of the latest technologies … GAIA does it!

October 01, 2017


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