Educational Material

The GAIA Educational lab kit

The consortium compiled the finalized material related to GAIA’s educational lab kit in the form of the GAIA Lab Kit Booklet (PDF), with a series of guides available for Lab Kit activities. For each activity, we include the the necessary cognitive background for the students’ teams (theoretical and practical) and a short description of the tasks to be completed (goals). One set of material concerns the educators, identifying the educational target for each activity, the methods used, as well as a schedule for the proposed lab activity. Another set of material addresses the students’ part, giving specific instructions on how to perform the envisioned activities, explaining how to interconnect sensors and electronic components, etc. Difficulty levels are also indicated in the material, with more complex challenges such as coding questions and exercises are available (for e.g., high school, or more advanced students).

This work was supported by the European Commission and the EASME, under the H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA call and contract number 696029.

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