Networking in Sweden

GAIA’s Swedish consortium partner Eurodocs met Mr. Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy within the Prime Minister’s Office, on March 8th at a business gathering at their Stockholm office.

Left, Eurodocs’ CEO Sosso Bcheri with (center) Sweden’s Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, Ibrahim Baylan and (right) Virtual Business CEO Pascale Samri El Chammas.

Eurodocs plans to have a further meeting with him in the future to share some information regarding GAIA’s objectives and activities within schools in Greece, Italy and Sweden.

As an interesting aside, Minister Baylan is also the former Minister for Energy and Minister for Schools as well as the former Deputy Chair for Sweden’s Parliamentary Committee on Education. Considering his background, the meeting should be fruitful for all parties.


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This work was supported by the European Commission and the EASME, under the H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA call and contract number 696029.

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